Warehouse – Sugarmill Road Brisbane Airport

MDA was contracted by FK Gardner to design the Mechanical, Electrical Services and Plume Study Report.

Mechanical Services

  • Individual mechanical ventilation systems provided to plant room’s toilets and process areas
  • Air conditioning to offices will be by means of air-cooled split ducted systems.
  • Air distribution by insulated ductwork and registers.
  • Warehouse smoke exhaust to a fire engineered solution
  • Interface to BAC Building Management System.

Electrical Services

  • Connection to existing BAC Sub-station.
  • Consumer mains.
  • Site Main Switchboard and metering.
  • Provision for connection of tenant supplied standby generator
  • Underground conduit & pit systems
  • Metering systems
  • In-ground power reticulation to BAC requirements.
  • Distribution Switchboards
  • Fire system pump room
  • Power and permanently connected outlets to all building areas
  • Lightning Protection
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Office lighting
  • External and carpark lighting.
  • Exit and emergency lighting as required
  • Provide fibre optic infrastructure from AQIS building
  • Provide distributed communications backbone cabling to communication hubs as required to service building
  • Provide communications data cabling infrastructure
  • Provide security access control and CCTV systems
  • Data reticulation to warehouse equipment to the extent outlined in the BAC Brief and Tenant Plans
  • Fire Indicator panel
  • Automatic alarm systems in accordance with NCC & AS1670 and AS1668
  • Emergency evacuation and warden intercom to NCC & AS1670

Plume Study

  • Air conditioning condensers
  • General warehouse exhausts and/or smoke exhausts.
  • Identify the likely configuration and size of the discharges
  • Determine likely exceedance of the vertical discharge criteria prior to any mitigating action.
  • When discharges exceed the CASA Guideline criteria identify potential mitigating action to reconfigure

the discharges so that the vertical discharge velocity criteria are not exceeded.


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June 9, 2020