Newstead Brewery, 80 Doggett Street, Newstead

Newstead Brewery is a well-established brewery located in Brisbane, with twelve draught taps at the bar and a kitchen open until 10pm 7 days a week it is popular venue for formal events or a Friday after work drink.

MDA had the pleasure of providing Building Services Designs for Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulics. We also provided Section J compliance, Communication and Alarm System services.

Extent of Work included: 


  • Ventilation and fresh air systems throughout the Brewery
  • All toilet area exhausted in accordance with BCA requirements.
  • Provide spit ducted air conditioning to offices, dinning, lounge areas.
  • Air distribution via concealed insulated ductwork and linear diffuser or registers.
  • Condenser units located external to building or on roof.


  • Fluorescent light and light emitting diodes (LED) to meet BCA requirements.
  • Specialty themed lighting to public areas, feature interior lighting to building entries.
  • Emergency evacuation lighting to code requirements
  • Upgrade Consumer mains
  • Main Switchboard and House metering.
  • Sub-mains and distribution boards to each area as required.

Hydraulic Services

  • Power and permanently connected outlets to all building common areas
  • Permanently connected and special purposed power outlets to all equipment


  • Sanitary and Trade waste drainage within building to existing sanitary drainage, existing sewer property connection at property boundary and basic pre-treatment treatment resulting from commercial kitchen, bin store and brewing processes.
  • Hot, Cold, Warm, Rainwater and non-potable water supply to fixtures.
  • Metering of water services to comply with local authority requirements.
  • Hot water plant selection (includes solar, electric or gas hot water investigations)
  • Natural Gas or LPG gas consumer piping design in accordance from the authority gas meter and regulator to the point of connection to the gas appliance.
  • Gutter and downpipe alterations for re-diversion to rainwater storage tanks
  • Roofwater storage and rainwater service supplying external hose cocks and internal fixtures.
  • Hydrant system complying with AS2419, Fire hose reel system complying with AS2441

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June 9, 2020