Bundaberg Food Warehouse Westside Plaza, Bundaberg

Hutchinson Builders had commissioned MDA Consulting Engineers to provide the following services for Bundaberg Food

Warehouse West Plaza.

Mechanical Services


  • Amenities ventilation
  • Service room ventilation as required
  • Bakery cooking hoods and exhaust and makeup systems
  • Butchery Prep exhaust purge system
  • Bulk Store Area ventilation.
  • Smoke management system (Review of existing) 

Air conditioning

  • Air conditioning to the main retail area.
  • Air conditioning to office areas and staff rooms.

Electrical Services


  • Tenancy mains from site main switchboard (review for reuse)
  • Tenancy main switchboard and metering.
  • Standby generator for essential services only.
  • Distribution switchboards as required
  • Mechanical Services switchboard
    • Hydraulic Services
  • Power and permanently connected outlets to all building areas


  • Lighting to all internal areas to tenant brief
  • Exit and emergency lighting as required

Communications and Security

  • Incoming supply to the tenancy and distributor
  • Distribution throughout the tenancy and IDF’s
  • Telephone and data services to tenant brief
  • Provide security access control and CCTV systems to tenant brief

Fire Detection and Alarm Services 

  • To BCA and existing building requirements

Hydraulic Services 

  • Building Hydraulic services in accordance with AS/NZS:3500-1-4 and Local Authorities requirements
  • Sanitary drainage for new fixtures and equipment connecting to existing drainage system provided by previous Coles tenancy fit-out.
  • Drainage provision for condensate discharge from cold cases, refrigeration and air conditioning tundishes
  • Tradewaste drainage to new fixtures and equipment in accordance with local Council Trade Waste policy
  • Water services (cold, hot & warm) to new fixtures as required by relevant Australian Standards.
  • Fire Hydrant system complying with AS2419.1 and local fire brigade requirements.
  • Fire hose reel system complying with AS2441.
  • Roof stormwater drainage to new roof areas only.
  • Relocation of existing grease trap

Fire Sprinkler Services 

  • Fire Sprinkler System to the whole tenancy in accordance with AS2118·1 (1999) by modification and extension of existing systems

Posted on

June 9, 2020