NBN Pit & Pipe Applications and Approval

MDA trained supplier
MDA NBN Pit & Pipe applications

MDA Engineers are listed on the nbn™ trained supplier list for the nbn™ Multi Technology Mix (MTM) for Pit and pipe design and MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) pathway design.

As an nbn™ trained supplier, MDA Engineers are able to:

Fast-track reviews and approvals

Faster certification (Practical Completion Certificate – PCC) of installations and sample review of designs by nbn™ trained suppliers.

Avoid fees for design reviews and inspections

No fees for design reviews and pit and pipe inspections for developers when using an nbn™ trained supplier.

MDA can provide telecommunications connections for:

  • New dwellings or lots being constructed
  • Additional services (also known as non-premises services), such as fire alarm, security systems, and elevator phone lines.
  • Broadacre subdivisions
  • New apartments, townhouses or villa units.
  • Commercial premises
  • Subdivisions
  • Conversion of a warehouse into new apartments
  • Knock down rebuilds