MDA assist clients preparing the reports
MDA assist compliance reports

There are several areas where MDA can assist clients with the preparation of reports. These reports will be purposed to suit the project needs. Outlined below are typical reports undertaken by MDA Consulting Engineers:

Due Diligence Reports

These reports are undertaken for clients who are about to purchase a building. Generally, these are high-level reports, identifying items such as:

  • Compliance
    To identify areas of non-compliance needing to be considered.
  • Condition
    To identify any condition considerations which may involve upgrading or replacement of key components.
  • Capacity
    To identify capacity adequacy to service the building and clients’ requirements and any upgrading requirements.

Services Reports

These reports are varied and cover such matters as:

  • Services Assessment associated with renovations and alterations.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Design).
  • Operational issues (e.g. Air conditioning systems not maintaining conditions).
  • Compliance Assessment reports (e.g. Installed systems are not compliant with NCC or Australian Standards).
  • Specialty reports for clients wanting to know building limitations (e.g. How many Electric Vehicle Chargers can the building service?).
  • Expert Witness (e.g. Provide forensic-type report to be used as part of the litigation process where a system design does not meet operational requirements).