Commercial Building Disclosure

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Australia Accredited CBD Assessor

Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) is a national program designed to improve the energy efficiency of Australia’s large office buildings.

Under the program, from 1 November 2010 most sellers or lessors of office space of 1,000 square metres or more will be required to obtain and disclose an up-to-date energy efficiency rating.  Certain exceptions and exemptions apply (see Exemptions on the CBD government website).

There is a transition period for the first year of the program where a valid National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Energy base or whole building rating can be disclosed.

From 1 November 2011, a full Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) will need to be disclosed.  BEECs are valid for 12 months, must be publicly accessible on the online Building Energy Efficiency Register, and include:

  • A NABERS Energy star rating for the building,
  • An assessment of tenancy lighting in the area of the building that is being sold or leased, and
  • General energy efficiency guidance.

The NABERS Energy star rating (exclusive of GreenPower) must also be included in any advertisement for the sale, lease or sublease of the office space.

The CBD program has been developed by the Australian state and territory governments, as part of a broad package of measures to encourage building energy efficiency.  The program is managed by the Australian Government. MDA Consulting Engineers has fully accredited assessors.  Contact us for further details.