Jun 9, 2020 | Education, Government, News, Projects

BER Schools Program – QLD & NSW

The Building Education Revolution (BER) program has been created to build and upgrade existing infrastructure in Australian schools over a three year period. The BER program aims to modernise schools through the delivery of necessary infrastructure and by doing so, supporting local jobs and stimulating investment.

This program is the single largest element of the Australian Government’s Economic Stimulus Plan. A key part of the government’s National Building and Jobs Plan is to counteract the global financial crisis by supporting jobs and investing in future long term economic growth.

With a large amount of money allocated to Queensland state and non-state primary and secondary schools, design and construction companies like MDA are being contracted to provide building services. Some of these projects include new builds and upgrades of; libraries, multi-purpose halls, classrooms, science laboratories, language centres, and general school infrastructure upgrades.

Out of thousands of schools listed in this scheme, MDA has handled approximately 180 state and non – state, primary and secondary schools across Queensland and New South Wales.

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